Stay with the family during the holidays or book accommodation?

Stay with the family during the holidays or book accommodation?

This could be awkward for some people, but we think being honest promotes healthy relationships. 

Women checking in at a hotel or backpackers inn
Women checking in at a hotel or backpackers inn/Pexels/@Ketut Subiyanto

The holidays are fast approaching and usually that means that family are going to be coming over. 

Set out the clean linen and tableware because you are hosting fam for the holidays. 

But with that December holiday feeling comes an underlying expectation that you will accommodate family and friends at your place to save costs during the holidays. 

Yes, we can agree that around the holidays accommodation can get pricey, but does that automatically translate into you being the saving grace for your family during the holiday?

Some might say it is a stock standard that when visiting family in another city, you stay with them. 

But at what cost? And what happens if you have a super small place and have to accommodate the whole family? Things can certainly get uncomfortable... fast.

Stacey and J Sbu will chat about this somewhat awkward question and delve into it more on the show today. 

In the meantime, we wanted to share some insight into the topic, as we noticed a couple who spoke about it on Reddit. 

A woman wrote that her in-laws were coming through for a family get-together but insisted on staying with her husband and herself, even though they would be working. She felt that she should book them accommodation and asked if she was being unreasonable for asking them to stay somewhere else...


Over and above the fact that she was pregnant at the time, both she and hubby work from home. 

"Both my MIL and FIL has been very pushy about wanting to stay in the house with us. My office and my husband's office each have beds in them, they want us to let them sleep in our offices at night and then work around them during the day. I honestly don't know how I would get anything done and this sounds really stressful." (Reddit)

People were quite supportive to her in the post, saying that she should do what's best for her family and her peace of mind. 

What would you do?

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