Stacey & JSbu ask KZN: What is in a name?

Stacey & JSbu ask KZN: What is in a name?

Can you imagine being named Karen in 2020?! 



Today on Stacey & JSbu they want to know from KZN, ‘What is in a name?', and whether you like your name OR if you wish you had a more unique name. 

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It is our parent's first act of responsibility and power to give us a name when we are brought into the world… A name that is meant to carry you for the rest of your life.

Many of us know people who as adults have taken the decision to change their birth names, but some of us have just carried on with life with the names we were given… 

We even take it upon ourselves to bestow a nickname just so that we do not have to deal with people calling us by our birth names, especially if we really don't like our full names.

Do you love your name, KZN? If you could give yourself a different name - what would it be and why?

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