St. Patrick’s Day 2024: Why is it celebrated?

St. Patrick’s Day 2024: Why is it celebrated?

St. Patrick’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, 17 March 2024 - here’s why.

St. Patrick's Day celebrations
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St. Patrick's Day, a vibrant celebration of Irish culture, is observed on March 17th each year, honouring the country's patron saint. 

The day is marked by a rich tapestry of traditions, from parades to festive gatherings, not only in Ireland but also across the globe, according to History.

When was it first celebrated?

The first recorded St. Patrick's Day parade took place far from Ireland's shores in 1601, in what is now St. Augustine, Florida.

This historic event (and a celebration the year before) were orchestrated by Ricardo Artur, an Irish vicar in the Spanish Colony.

When was the first St. Patrick’s Day parade?

In the 1760s, Irish soldiers serving in the British military in New York City created their own St. Patrick's Day parade. This tradition gained momentum in the 1800s when Irish Catholic immigrants faced discrimination in America. 

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The parades symbolised solidarity and pride for the Irish community in the face of adversity.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the modern age

It is celebrated with great enthusiasm worldwide, with cities in the United States holding lively parades and festivities.

In Ireland, the day has deep historical roots, transitioning from a religious feast day to a public holiday in the early 20th century. 

It wasn't until recent times, however, that Dublin began hosting a large-scale, government-sponsored festival and parade.

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