South Africans react to 7 De Laan same sex on-screen kiss

South Africans react to 7 De Laan same sex on-screen kiss

The popular SABC two soapie, 7 De Laan is in the headlines following a scene that took place on the show last week. 

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The character Shawn who is played by Deànré Reiners, has done what viewers have been waiting a while for...  

He has admitted that he is in love with Emile. The role of Emile is played by Christopher Van Der Westhuizen. The couple made 7 De Laan history last week as the two men shared the first on-screen kiss between two men. 

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This is not the first time the soapie is driving in different commentary from its viewers, back in 2019 the soapie aired an episode that was commended by some and criticized for some who claimed that it was a little to late, when an interracial kiss caused a stir on social media. 

Following the airing of that episode, some viewers of '7de Laan' threatened to boycott the show. 

In a statement posted via Twitter, the producers of the show said that they believe that love knows no colour and it was important to reflect that: 

Their latest episode has caused much of the same commentary. 

Watch the much talked about scene below: 

Read some of the comments below: 

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