Some ‘butter tea’, anyone?

Some ‘butter tea’, anyone?

There has never been a shortage of odd food combinations when it comes to the internet, making some go "ew" in disgust, while others say "oh" in wonder and curiosity - because we all want to try something new sometimes. 

Combining butter with tea did not go down well with some.
Picture: Twitter

A weird and odd food combination has recently caught the attention of Twitter users. This video has been making the rounds this week, showing an individual making “butter tea”.

But be wary, this recording may leave you with indifferent thoughts...

The video starts off very well, with a shot of the individual cutting a brick of butter. Which seems like a normal thing at first. 

The pieces that are being cut are seen falling into a pot wherein tea is brewing. Once the butter sticks dissolve into the brewing tea, the individual pours it in a dish through a sieve.

As usual, Twitter had something to say about this:

Apparently this isn't a new phenomenon. Butter has found its way into coffee cups in recent years.

Health expert Maria Ascencao had a few things to say about whether people should be drinking butter in their coffee.

She said this combination was not considered a good source of certain nutrients, as it contained a high amount of saturated fats. Something to think about before having some 'butter tea'...

Ascencao added that many people claim butter coffee provides lasting energy without the blood sugar crash, that it boosts mental clarity and supported fat loss, but none of these 'benefits' have been clinically proven.

 So maybe consult with a healthcare professional first before trying this bad boy out...

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