Shocking footage of "the terminator's destroyed car"!?

Shocking footage of "the terminator's destroyed car"!

A woman riding down the freeway has been captured tyre-less. 

Shocking footage of destroyed car
Shocking footage of destroyed car/ Instagram

We have all seen some wild things on the road, but this moment takes the crown.

A woman is seen rolling in a broken down SUV on the highway. 

Captured in 4K, we see a front tyre missing, a boot completely open, and a whole lot of chaotic energy. 

See this captivating car below:  

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J Sbu says: “Life really is a highway but I don’t know if I would wanna ride in this car all night long.” 

The owner of this car is turning heads for all the wrong reasons. 

Many users question if this car is roadworthy and what would have lead to this car facing that much trauma. 

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After pressure from the media, the black Audi from California, USA is currently being investigated by police officials. 

Here is feedback from one member of the public who witnessed the drama unfold:

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Furthermore, Irvine Police Department issued a statement via Twitter after the incident. 

More will be shared on this developing story when available.

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