SHOCKER: Lana Del Rey wears a mesh face mask to meet fans

SHOCKER: Lana Del Rey wears a mesh face mask to meet fans

Lana Del Rey is in a bit of hot water with the public after she was seen dripping in a shiny mesh mask to greet fans at a poetry reading and book signing event in Los Angeles.

Lana Del Rey Wearing Mesh Face Mask
Instagram: Lana Del Rey

Everyone is definitely still on edge with the whole coronavirus pandemic, even though it's been a few months since it hit and most things are starting to go back to normal. But whatever happened to safety precautions?

You surely don't have to be a mad scientist to know by now that you should be wearing a mask when meeting others to prevent the spread of coronavirus or that wearing a mask completely full of holes is you basically not bothering to wear a mask at all.

However, 35-year-old musician Lana Del Rey, whose real name is Elizabeth Grant , decided otherwise when she posed with fans and signed copies of her new book, entitled 'Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass', while wearing what seems like a pricey but clearly ultimately useless garment face mask. 

We all understand that being a celebrity or going to events means one has to dress up, but that's not an excuse to not wear a proper mask, especially if other people will be around. 

You certainly don't know what viruses they are carrying and neither do they about you. People definitely had reason to criticise her after her actions, especially being the public figure she is. 

It's all good and well being the amazing superstar that she is and achieving all that she has achieved, but at the same time everyone has a responsibility to keep those around them safe at all times. 

One tweep even said:

After Lana shared some pictures and video of herself at the event, people pointed out her mistake and expressed their anger at Del Rey's refusal to wear a proper mask.

One comment, which received more than 38,000 likes, said: "YOU MAKE IT SO HARD TO STAN PLEASEE WEAR A PROPER MASK."

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