Shock and horror! KZN share their irrational fears with Stacey & JSbu

Shock and horror! KZN share their irrational fears with Stacey & JSbu

Let's be honest, we all have them. Some are more common than others, some keep us up late at night, and then there are some that are truly a figment of our imagination.

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What irrational fears do you have? 

Irrational fears are those fears that may or may not have any real basis in reality but still scare you anyway. That is not to say the feeling of anxiety, a threat, danger or harm is not real. These fears are the kind that you most probably keep secret from those around you in fear of being judged by how irrational your thoughts may sound. 

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For JSbu, his irrational fears stem from watching horror movies alone at home when he was younger.

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JSbu shares that he fears creepy animals and ghosts will attack him when he is asleep. Even though he knows that it is irrational for him to have these fears, JSbu cannot sleep with the lights off at night when he is alone.

Listen to JSbu share his irrational fear below: 

According to Buzz Feed, below is some of the most common irrational fears that people have: 

Closed shower curtains: the fear is that someone may be behind the curtain

Driving under bridges: the fear is that every time you drive under one that the bridge will just collapse on top of you

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That there is a spider in your toilet: the fear is that the spider will bite your behind

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The car door opening whilst you are on the freeway and you fall out

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Escalators: Having your shoe or foot stuck as you approach the top or bottom

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Do you have any irrational fears, KZN? Share them with Stacey & JSbu.

Listen to the podcast to hear what KZN had to say: 

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