SEE: 5 times baby Zanda stole the show!

SEE: 5 times baby Zanda stole the show!

It is really true that kids grow up in a blink of an eye! 

Zanda and JSbu

Daddy J Sbu celebrated a very important birthday this weekend; his adorable son, Zanda, turned five-years-old on Sunday.

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If you are not new to the show, you will know just what a character Zanda is, but for the benefit of those who may not be in the know...

Here is a highlights reel of some of our favourite moments from Zanda as shared by his proud and at times embarrassed papa, J Sbu.

J Sbu Zanda
East Coast Radio

1. The time Zanda got his very first school report card (Grade RRR) his dad was taken a back by a particular comment left by his teacher. Spoiler alert it is both cute and very funny! 

Catch up below: 

2.  It is no secret that J Sbu is not a 'Pet Dad' unlike his partner in crime, Stacey, who is a proud mama of her one and only baby- Goku.

So, when baby Zanda asked his dad for a puppy... the whole of KZN and Stacey needed to join forces to convince J Sbu that he absolutely had to get his son a pet! 

Catch up below: 

3. That time J Sbu let us in on his proud father moment after spending some good quality time with his son. 

To say that this anecdote was 'interesting' would be an understatement. 

Catch up below: 

4. When the #KZNUnrest hit us hard in KZN, a lot of people were stuck... stuck in their homes and in their offices. 

J Sbu was fortunate enough to still be able to go to work, but there was one important person in his life that he could not see during the two weeks of unrest - his son Zanda. 

If this doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy in the inside ( maybe also shed a tear) then we do not know what will.

Catch up below: 

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And last but not least we have...

5. J Sbu tells us about that awkward moment when his son unwrapped something he shouldn’t have.. this time we have visuals! 

Watch below: 

from Haha GIFs via Gfycat

Here is to the most loved five-year-old boy on the East Coast! 

Baby Zanda celebrates his fifth birthday
Baby Zanda celebrates his fifth birthday/ Supplied J Sbu

It has been so good to hear of the growth of Zanda throughout the last two years of the show.

We have also loved seeing and listening to you evolve into this role as a dad J Sbu, it is not hard to see where it comes from: 

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