Say what now? Woman falls pregnant whilst pregnant with another baby

Say what now? Woman falls pregnant whilst pregnant with another baby

We were today years old when we found that this could even happen.

Woman conceives another baby while already pregnant, gives birth to both
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A woman in the UK named Rebecca Roberts has experienced something incredibly unusual, that being getting pregnant while already carrying another child. 

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Rebecca gave birth to twins she conceived three weeks apart but were born on the same day. 

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This was the cause of a rare case, where the body of a pregnant woman does not perform a number of biological processes meant to stop her from getting pregnant again. One of those processes would be the halting of hormones that are released which stop the ovulation process. 

Rebecca had been trying to conceive for several years and expressed her absolute joy at finally being a mom to not one but two children. Despite her shock at the news, Rebecca insists she and her husband are extremely blessed and fortunate. 

According to Rebecca, her doctors at first had a hard time understanding her situation, because of just how rare her case was. So, rare that the actual number of times this has happened before is still unknown. 

However, there were complications.  

Rebecca was told there would be a possibility that her younger baby might not make it to full term. During her 33rd week of her first pregnancy, complications arose where the younger twin had stopped growing due to a complication with her umbilical cord. 

Luckily for Rebecca and her husband, both her babies were born healthy even though prematurely. 

The elder baby named Noah was born and placed in neonatal intensive care unit for about three weeks. While the younger twin, Rosalie, weighed in at only 0.9 Kg at birth- she had to spend 95 days in NICU. 

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