SA tot wages war on brown bread: “It hurts my gums!"

SA tot wages war on brown bread: “It hurts my gums!"

An adorable toddler has waged war on a foe like no other... brown bread!

Toddler who doesn't like brown bread
@ZandiHla / TikTok

Buckle up for a toddler tantrum cuteness overload!

A South African TikToker named Zandihla just shared a video that's leaving everyone giggling. 

It features her adorable daughter, Amahle (nicknamed 'Mahle'), in a hilarious battle against... brown bread!

The clip starts with Mahle, all wide eyed and determined, declaring, "No, I said white bread!"

Apparently, brown bread is the enemy in Mahle's world.

When Zandihla asks why the brown bread is suddenly a villain, Mahle throws out a dramatic, "Because it hurts my gums!" while pointing a tiny finger at her mouth. 

We all know the struggle of rogue popcorn kernels, but brown bread hurting gums? This kid's got jokes!

Zandihla, trying to maintain composure (because, let's be honest, this is adorable), asks the million-dollar question: How exactly does brown bread inflict gum pain? 

Mahle, however, remains tight-lipped on the specifics, simply pointing back at the brown bread with a look that says, "That right there!"

Zandihla, ever the negotiator, proposes a deal: Finish the brown bread, and she'll banish it from Mahle's future lunches forever. 

The video cuts off, leaving us to wonder if Mahle conquered the evil brown bread or if a white bread victory dance ensued... 

One thing's for sure, this TikTok is pure toddler comedy gold, with over 300,000 views and 20,000 people joining the laughter.  

Take a look at the video, courtesy of TikTok, below:

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Image courtesy of TikTok


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