SA teacher becomes the fun police after stopping dance moves

SA teacher becomes the fun police

Mevrou is having none of it!

School teacher fun police

Do you have some sick dance moves that you want to bust out at school? 

I would think twice if you’re anywhere near the vicinity of this Mevrou.

A learner from Germiston High School danced their way into trouble. A 19-second clip posted to social media by popular Twitter user @kulanicool shows the student “having moves like jagger” while students crowd around in support of him.

The dancing and cheering was brought to an unexpected haunt when a teacher arrived and pulled him away using his bright yellow backpack. We have so many questions..

Why was there music? Why did the teacher grab him like that? What happened next?

In true South African style, it is what it is... we can only hope there will be a part two that appears to put our conscience at ease.

This video brought back all the memories for many South Africans and what they had to face at school. The weird rules put in place by administration, disapproving looks from teachers, and interesting ways that situations were handled.

The fun police has definitely taken the win on this one but we can’t help but embrace in the few moments of joy the kids had before “Mevrou” had enough of it. 

Would you be this brave to ‘vibe’ in the middle of school? 

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