SA Fans shocked at Mark Fish's comment on the "Black Lives Matter" movement!

SA fans shocked at Mark Fish's comment on the "Black Lives Matter" movement!

The former soccer player recently came under the spotlight after his  "all lives matter" comment on Twitter.

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South African's on Twitter went crazy after Mark Fish responded to a "Black Lives Matter" comment.

 Mark Anthony Fish is a retired South African footballer who played as a defender for a few South African teams. 

He has recently made his opinion well know when he responded to a tweet and said "All Lives Matter!!"

A lot of South Africans on Twitter were really not pleased with the comment that was made especially because of the seriousness of the matter right now with the whole movement and the certain focus it has on every celebrity that has something to say about it. 

He also wrote a separate tweet pushing his point across of what exactly he was trying to say and basically reiterating what he had said in the reply. 

This movement has really left everyone in SA walking on their tippy-toes, because right now everything that is said can be taken the wrong way. 

Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion and with that said - everyone also won't always agree with everything you say. 

This is what Stacey and JSbu had to say: 

"Not all lives are at risk, not all lives are being systematically oppressed because of the color of their skin.  I don't understand the "all lives matter" movement at all,  I think it comes from a place of ignorance and in my opinion being black is still a curse for many people; poverty, lack of job opportunities, lack of housing , lack of quality education are mainly being experienced by black people in South Africa, why is that? , where did it all start? and who is still suffering?" - JSbu

"The old adage that my dad always says to me 'If you got nothing good to say then just shut up'. I think there's this idea that only specific people are allowed to have an opinion. Firstly you don't have to say anything. Yes, silence on this particular subject right now is not necessarily the most helpful. But while you being silent, take that time to educate yourself. Because once you are educated and you come to understand that your world is not 'Thee' world and that your experience is not the general population's experience then you'll come to a better understanding. The versus is the problem, you will never understand how it's like to be someone else you can just try to implore a little bit of compassion." - Stacey  

Read what Mark Fish tweeted and responded after South Africa had a rant:

Read what some of the celebrities had to say: 

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