Prince William named as the 'World's Sexiest... Bald Man'

Prince William named as the 'World's Sexiest... Bald Man'

We have heard of 'The Sexiest Man and Woman Alive', but there is a new title and it has been bestowed on a future King - and the internet is not short of opinions. 

Prince William
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Prince William can now add 'Sexiest Bald Man' on the planet to his already long string of prestigious titles. 

This is after a study from Google announced that he had been voted the 'Sexiest Bald Man' in the world. The study was conducted by cosmetic surgery specialists who studied how many times the King in waiting had been called 'sexy' in various online blogs and articles. 

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According to The Sun, Prince William was referred to as sexy an estimated 17.6-million times to come out on top in the unique study. 

So, who else was in the running? 

Well, William beat the likes of Mike Tyson (who came in second place - yes, you read that right) and Hollywood action man Jason Statham, musician Pitbull, and Basketball legend Michael Jordan, who rounded out the top five. 

"Where was The Rock, Bruce Willis- hello Vin Diesel," was the response of Stacey Norman, who laughed off the news of William and his new title. 

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The top 10 and their respective search results are as follows:

  • Prince William - 17.6m
  • Mike Tyson - 8.8m
  • Jason Statham - 7.4m
  • Pitbull - 5.4m
  • Michael Jordan - 5.3m
  • Floyd Mayweather - 4.3m
  • John Travolta - 3.8m
  • Bruce Willis - 3.3m
  • Dwayne Johnson - 2.6m
  • Vin Diesel - 2.3m

As soon as the news was announced, social media users had a field day sharing their views on this story. See some of the funniest responses below: 

Could this be a spin to deflect from the recent royal drama? 

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What are your thoughts, would you rate Prince William 'The Sexiest Bald Man' alive? Share your thoughts in the comments below and take a listen as Stacey and J Sbu weigh in on the news:

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