POLL: Which chore leads to the most arguments in your home?

POLL: Which chore leads to the most arguments in your home?

Laundry, bathroom duty, washing the dishes… it never ends!

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More often than not, couples who live together tend to find themselves arguing about the smallest issues that can soon blow out of proportion.

A lot of couples tend to argue about household chores. Whether its something sparked from not taking the rubbish out before its meant to be collected or leaving socks in your shoes.

We asked East Coasters if they have a specific chore they fight with their partner over, and the comments did not disappoint! Before we get to them, answer our poll here:

Stacey and J Sbu asked KZN which chore causes the most arguments and here are some of the more popular responses:

Raz Le Roux wrote:

“Empty toilet rolls on the floor... None of the boys in my house are capable of throwing it away.”

Odwa Lunga Nyembezi passionately said:

“Definitely washing dishes. Imagine the nerve of someone (while in the middle of washing dishes) sneaks in a dirty utensil they’ve been using. No, wash it yourself, it ain't part of these!!”

Chantelle Lotter offered these words of wisdom:

"If you want something done properly, do it yourself. The argument is always about whether the job is done properly. Just get it done and properly and there won't be an argument.”

Does everyone argue about chores?

In 2019, Yelp conducted a survey regarding chores and relationships. The survey concluded that 80% of respondents who do housework have disagreements about it.

Below are some of the most common disagreements according to the survey:

  • When to do housework

  • How to do housework

  • Who should do it

The survey also asked what excuses people give to get out of doing housework, some of which include faking illness, lying about a work task that deserves full commitment, and some just do a bad job on purpose so they won’t be asked again.

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