This or That with Stacey & JSbu: Bath tub vs Shower

This or That with Stacey & JSbu: Bath tub vs Shower

Since it is Choose Day… we thought we would play a FUN game of THIS or That. We give you 2 options; we give no context and you choose what you prefer!

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Everyone has there preferences when it comes to how they choose to clean up and today we asked KZN to choose which one they prefer in a game that Stacey and JSbu like to call 'This or That'. 

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Bathing in a bathtub always comes with some relaxation, sometimes some quality time and meditation. It gives you a chance to unwind, maybe you can light some candles and play some of your favourite music. There are also people who think bathtubs are filthy, Stacey shared a saying that her friend would share about people who choose to the bathtub:

Showering on the other is probably more efficient and fast. It's an and out process and you can do so much at the same time - shave your legs, wash your hair, for some even brush your teeth, and wash your face. 

It's a very tough decision to make so we asked KZN on today's This or That with Stacey and JSbu: Bathtub or Shower?

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