The oldest South African man passes away

The oldest South African man passes away

This past weekend, 116 year old Fredie Blom who is believed to be the oldest man died, his family said. 

Fredie Blom
Times Live

Blom, who was born on 8 May in 1904 was quoted earlier this year as saying that he had lived this long through the grace of God. He has been unofficially described as 'unofficially' the worlds oldest man. 

Family friend Andre Naidoo said Oupa as he was affectionaly known started to feel weak a few days ago.

Fredie Blom was a much loved figure in his community in Cape Town, forever having a smile on his face. He was also known as a man who liked to sit in front of a fire place and enjoy his tobacco. Oupa's death was reportedly not COVID-19 related and was a normal death. 

It sounds like Oupa Blom had lived a colourful life, may his soul rest in peace. 

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