A night out gamechanger! Pizza vending machines are now a thing...

A night out gamechanger! Pizza vending machines are now a thing...

Pizza machines have come to the rescue! No more lines, ladies and gentlemen. 

Pizza Vending Machines Could Be A Night Out Gamechanger
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When the world finally opens up again and we are eventually allowed out, worry not, because we have found the saviour of all our going out problems - a pizza vending machine! 

And TikTok users seem to agree.

TikToker @Honeykeen_ has answered the prayers of many when she uploaded a video about the life-changing machine, titling it, 'Trying the pizza vending machine in Glasgow'.

You need to see this wonder for yourself.

The TikTok user captioned the video:

It has certainly fried our brains, too!

Where the magic happens.
Credit: TikTok/@honeykeenan_

These pizza's are priced at £9 (R191.41), and our angel in disguise, @Honeykeen, swears that the pizzas are not frozen but cooked: 

One TikTok user commented: 

Another added:

A wee game while you wait.
Credit: TikTok/@honeykeenan_

But how is this all possible, you may ask?

Well, the Pizza Machine can hold about 96 fresh pizzas including vegan and gluten-free options. How amazing?!

At the moment there are approximately three pizza machines currently in the UK: one in Bristol, one in the Isle of Man, and one now in Glasgow.

The company wrote:

'This has fried my brain' says the tik toker.
Credit: TikTok/@honeykeenan_

According to trade publication Pizza Marketplace, there are 223 vending machines across Europe and two in the US. It's been a popular item in Japan for many years.

This definitely is an answer to our prayers!

Pizza machines can now become an oasis for all of us when we finally stumble back from a night out.

Featured image credit: TikTok/@honeykeenan_

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