A new advancement in wearable technology

A new advancement in wearable technology

The shoes help with on-demand warmth, as well as feet and ankle massages...

Nike and Hyperice wearable tech vest
Nike and Hyperice wearable tech vest/Nike Website/@nike.com

Technology has always managed to surprise us with its ability to innovate.

But this time, it is a matter of pairing the right technology with the fashion accessory that isn't just a prized possession of athletes, but also many active people. 

Nike has partnered with Hyperice (a technology innovation company) to create wearable technology that help athletes perform at their best. 

Check out a pic from Instagram below. 

Nike and Hyperice created a vest and shoe that "help the body for activity". The great part of the technology is that it is not just for athletes, but also for people who spend lots of time on their feet. 

"The shoe contains a system of dual-air Normatec bladders connected to heating elements that distribute heat evenly across the entire upper. This combination is designed to drive heat deep into the muscles and tissues of the foot and ankle, allowing athletes to move, perform and recover naturally much faster.

"Athletes can synchronize the warmth and compression of both shoes at the touch of a button, or choose to run the left and right shoes separately, choosing from three different levels of compression and warmth, powered by a battery pack in the insole of each shoe." (Unrdefamille)

Can you imagine how amazing that might feel on your feet? It is life-changing...

This is the future of wearable technology, a world that caters to the enhancement of leading an active lifestyle. We have yet to find any information about the price of these futuristic boots and vest, but we know that it is a massive step for athletes, who can thank science for it...

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Image Courtesy of Nike

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