Mzansi flip the switch with their free Eskom logo ideas

Mzansi flip the switch with their free Eskom logo ideas

What in the loadshedding madness are they doing?

A broken lightbulb as the Eskom logo
A broken lightbulb as the Eskom logo/X/@BrendtLindeque

There's no doubt that even after so many years of dealing with loadshedding, South Africans are not at all at ease when the lights go out. 

Planned or not, when we see the Eskom Se Push notification on our smartphones, it always gives us a level of irritation. Not to mention the anxiety because sometimes faults occur and we are left without electricity for undetermined amounts of time. 

Well, as per usual it feels like Eskom doesn't care about South Africans and how this has affected us. This is the consensus as they opened up the tender for their new logo design and corporate identity.

"On Wednesday last week, the same day that Eskom management briefed parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises on its net loss of almost R24 billion in the 2022/23 financial year, it confirmed that the tender had not been cancelled. In fact, the bids are currently being evaluated. After this has been done, Eskom will disclose the contract’s value." (IOL)

The proposed budget for this large undertaking could cost around R15-million. Can you even imagine? 

The news has caused a chain reaction from South Africans on X as Goodthingsguy, Brendt Lindeque, created a logo and posted it to X. 

He started a trend, with many people jumping on his tweet with their logo designs.

How kind? If anything, we are known for our kindness...

This was his second update to his logo redesign submission. 


"Responding to questions from IOL, Eskom says 11 tender applications have been received and that the process is currently at the technical evaluation stage. The tender is expected to be awarded on March 31, 2024, and the date for the launch of the new logo and corporate identity will be confirmed at a later stage." (IOL)

What really caught us off-guard was someone suggested a glow in the dark logo.

Brent went even further and proposed his new redesign for the redesign. You get the drift...

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