MUST WATCH: A herd of elephants, giraffe sighting, rhinos and horse riding! #SweetEscape

MUST WATCH: A herd of elephants, giraffe sighting, rhinos and horse riding! #SweetEscape

Day two of our #SweetEscape adventures with Tourism KwaZulu-Natal and Heritage Tours began with a very early start...


I  am an early bird by nature, even though I had set my alarm for 4:30 am, I will admit it was a bit tough to wake up from my comfortable bed. JSbu on the other hand needed a moment or two to get himself out of bed, Let us just say he had a late night.

Our Nature Tour Guides for our planned Safari Tour at Hluhluwe, IMfolozi Park, John and Senzo had requested that the team wake up bright and early before sun rise for the planned Safari ride. On arrival, the team lined up to get their tempreture checks and filled in all the necessary safety precautionary information. We then were split in teams of two, lead by our two Nature Tour Guides: John Webster and Senzo Mthembu. 

Our #SweetEscape continues! We’re at the Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park this morning with Heritage Tours & Safaris. We’re so excited 😁 . @eastcoastradio @tourismkzn_official

Posted by East Coast Drive on Friday, September 4, 2020

Myself and JSbu were both hoping to see two animals in particular, the Rhino and some Elephants. John and Senzo however cautioned us that they could not guarantee that we would be able to get sightings of the two animals. It did not take long before we were able to spot the animal whom gives me eye lashes envy, the giraffe! 

Next up for us was a herd of Impala's who really need to give us their skin care routine asap! Because wow, skin glowing! The Impala's were unassuming and kept in groups of more thenfour. 

One of the major highlights of course was spotting the much anticipated Rhino's! JSbu and I were beside ourselves! 

There was alot to learn on our Safari Ride, whilst on route in search of more animal sightings, John educated us on what I can only say 'could never be me'! John, picked up dried up Heyna poop which he demonstrated can be also used as chalk- for chalkboards. 

Watch the demonstration below: 🤢

But wait there is more! We had all but given up on any Elephant sightings for the day but as we were driving back we not only spotted one elephant but a whole family of elephants. It truly was worth the wait! 

The most precious moment was when we witnessed a mother elephant guiding her baby elephant across the road with her trunk, you have to watch this! 

Our day at Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park with Heritage Tours and Safaris was just truly magical! we also spotted some Zebra's and warthogs. The adventures did not end there however- there was still a matter of some horse riding for myslef! JSbu decided to sit this one out... I am not saying he was scared but I am also not saying he was not KZN! 

Tomorrow new adventures await myself and JSbu kicking off with a 'Whale watching' experience. Thank you so much to Tourism KZN for the wonderful campaign #KZNHasItAll let us celebrate and explore our beautiful province KZN! 

For more information on #KZNHasItAll click here  also you can continue to follow Stacey and JSbu's adventures by using this #SweetEscape on the duo's social media pages. 

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