Minnie Dlamini reveals what really happened to her skincare company

Here's what really happened to Minnie Dlamini's skincare company

Never a failure, always a lesson! Minnie Dlamini is opening up about the end of her skincare company and what she is working on next. 

Minnie Dlamini
Minnie Dlamini/ Instagram (@minniedlamini)

Minnie Dlamini has been the talk of the social media streets after it was revealed that her skincare company was in serious trouble.

The TV personality released the range, MD by Minnie Dlamini, in 2019. The products, which were sold at Clicks, ranged from R13 to R39,99. They were reportedly selling for as low as R5 at Shoprite in 2021. 

The dermatologically-tested range featured an active ingredient called Eviolin. 

"I’ve been working on creating my own brand for a few long and stressful years but the results are sooo worth it! It’s a product I use & love and I hope you will too," she tweeted at the time. 

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But according to a recent report in the City Press,  the 'Homeground' presenter has been experiencing some problems with the taxman. 

The paper revealed that Minnie's company - Modi Dlamini Marketing -  faced deregistration twice for failing to submit its annual tax returns. 

The company produced her skincare products. Minnie and her company came under fire in 2019 after she revealed in an interview that she received a R10-million grant from the Industrial Development Corporation of SA (IDC) to set up her business. 

“Our engagements with the IDC were pretty painless because my partner’s been dealing with them for a long time. So, it was just a case of creating a new joint company for a deal," she was quoted as saying in Destiny magazine

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The 32-year-old added that sales projections indicated that she could make the money back in one year. 

Minnie later clarified her IDC remarks after receiving some backlash, saying the money was a loan and not a grant as she stated. 

"In my Destiny cover, I was quoted saying I received a grant from the IDC for my new business. I, in fact, applied for a loan payable with interest, which is still pending due to the error. My apologies for any confusion caused. For the record, the mistake was entirely mine and I apologise further," she said.

Minnie has decided to set the record straight following the City Press' report that her products have been taken off the shelves.

She chatted to YouTuber Nono D about what happened to her company. 

"MD Body SA has come to an end. Unfortunately, I had to liquidate the company. Things happen. You work with people, it doesn't always end that well. It was a great learning curve for me," Minnie said. 

Despite the loss, the media personality says she learned many valuable lessons.

"There's no such thing as a loss, it's a learning curve and it's an opportunity to learn how to do things better.  That's what that experience really taught me. It taught me exactly what the retail space looks like, who the people are that make the money."

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Minnie hinted that she has another brand that is already out in the market that has her name on it. She says the brand has sold out in the stores that it has been supplied to.

"We've got a lot of interest from a lot of other retailers and I am sure that is going to be announced in the next couple of weeks. But because of what I learned before, I was very curious to see if I could launch a brand that didn't have my name on it, wasn't dependent on me pushing it, and really just relied on the quality of the products.That was really important to me and I proud to say that I think I have done it." 

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