Messy situation: KZN sounds off on the chore that causes the most arguments in their homes

Messy situation: KZN sounds off on the chore that causes the most arguments in their homes

Could it be the dirty dishes that pile up in the sink? Maybe the hassle of getting up at the crack of dawn to take out the rubbish or perhaps it is laundry duty? What is the one chore in your home that causes the biggest arguments? 

Stacey and J Sbu washing dishes
East Coast Radio

Watch as Stacey and J Sbu try and clean up the East Coast Radio kitchen, only for Vic Naidoo to come and leave his dirty lunch box in the sink: 

It is part of almost all our daily routines. Chances are you have the very same argument every day or week with those whom you live under the same roof with. 

Chores are by sheer definition, a chore! 

There are those people who are the exceptions, however, like Stacey Norman. She loves doing chores! Her enthusiasm for the smell of cleaning detergent when she walks into her apartment is a simple understated pleasure that she wishes her co-host J Sbu had. 

J Sbu admits that he is a stereotypical bachelor, who cares more for what he looks like than the state that he leaves his apartment in every time he heads for work. 

According to scientific evidence (we love facts!), 92% of people who took part in the survey shared that hanging the laundry rated as the number one most annoying chore to do in the household. 


When it comes to your household or growing up, what would you say was the number one chore that would spark arguments in your household? 

According to KZN listener, Theloshnie, her husband and her share the same struggle and often forget whose turn it is to do the chores, which sparks a back and forth: "We both hate doing the dishes.... We literally ask ourselves who did it last so we can avoid it, he's amazing though...he cleans the bathroom and takes out the garbage always and he cooks most of the time because he enjoys it". 

Good Morning #5amclub Question: What is the ONE chore in your household that STARTS most arguments? 🤣 Make sure your significant other or roomies do not see this! -From J Sbu

Posted by East Coast Drive on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

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