Meet the woman who wore the same dress for 100 days to save the planet

Meet the woman who wore the same dress for 100 days to save the planet

A 54 year-old woman is taking sustainable fashion to a new level and we are here for it! 

Meet the woman wore one dress for 100 days straight to try and save the planet
(Image: thisdressagain/Instagram)

Meet Sarah Robbins-Cole from the UK, the woman who has spearheaded the #100DayDressChallenge in a bid to live without fast fashion and help save the planet. 

Sarah shares that she has worn the same dress to work, while walking her dogs, chilling at home, and even on Christmas Day. 


The dress is made out of sustainably-sourced merino wool and Sarah admits that she wore the dress for 100 days consecutively without fail. Sarah enjoyed doing the challenge, so much so that she's set herself a new challenge for 2021.

She was not alone in her efforts. Sarah shares that about 250 women took up the sustainable living challenge with her. 

What were the benefits of the challenge? A reduction in laundry, saving a lot of money on shopping for clothes, and a change in perception of the things that really matter in this world for Sarah. 

It also freed up her mornings which would normally be a rush with her two kids and husband. Now she spends less time finding what to wear and more time nourishing her relationship with her family. 

Would you be keen on joining this challenge? 

Stacey on the hand decided to make her own challenge, she has decided not to shop any clothes from today until the end of Febraury. Do you think she'll make it?

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