Meek Mill slammed by Africans over tweet

Meek Mill slammed by Africans over tweet

A classic example of how things can be taken in more than one way.

American Rapper Meek Mill wearing a white shirt and smiling
American Rapper Meek Mill wearing a white shirt and smiling/Instagram Screenshot/@meekmill

Have you ever said something to someone and they took you the wrong way? 

Some might call this the story of their lives. Communication is like that sometimes, you can say something and it can be misconstrued. Cue social media and you have an added layer of misunderstanding. 

Many people took to X recently to hate on American rapper Meek Mill over a tweet he posted four days ago. 

This was a classic example of how as Africans we can bring the spice. 

Meek Mill posted the following: "Do a lot of people play my music in South Africa I remember having on big show their few years back … how do yall listen to our music in South Africa???? On what platform or in Nigeria?" 

Now, from the onset, it is clear that he was referring to the music streaming services or platforms that we (or Nigerians) use to listen to international music. 

But that was not taken the way it was meant and perhaps that could be due to past cynicism from Americans when it comes to Africans and the way we live. 

People came to the tweet with their sarcasm and spice, which sometimes doesn't come out nice...

Check out some of the responses from people below. Courtesy of X.


CNN journalist Larry Madowo added his voice to the conversation: "Clueless American rapper unites 2 musical powerhouses (South Africa and Nigeria) in 1 ignorant tweet!"

"More than a day after Meek's tweet did insane rounds across the internet, the Philadelphia-born rapper hopped back online to try and clarify the issue, saying that his original tweet was meant to help improve his business acumen and pocket the coins made from African streaming." (Citizen)

The brutality from X users caught his attention and he explained why he asked what he asked. 

"I was asking how they listen to music in Africa because I wanna handle my business none of my contracts say they have rights to distribute me in Africa … basically looking for the money trail? Idk what platforms used in South Africa lol" (X)

How do you think he did with Africans? You know how people can be unforgiving on social media...

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