#MatricFocus: Expert advice for #ClassOf2021 students after they receive their results

#MatricFocus: Expert advice for #ClassOf2021 students after they receive their results

You have your matric results, but what now?

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It's important for matric students to know their options when it comes to pursuing tertiary qualifications outside of the public system and what has traditionally been taught to them. But also, it's just as important to be there for those whose plans didn't work out.

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Stacey and J Sbu will be featuring some insights for parents and students for the month of February. 

The topics and conversations will be tailored and have the opinion of an expert. 

Last week, the team focused on mental health and the warning signs that parents should be on the look out for.

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The team contacted SADAG Operations Director, Cassey Chambers, for some advice for parents and guardians on the worrying signs that they need to look out for during this time. 

You can listen to that podcast below, previously highlighted in 2020: 

For those matric students who didn't pass, it's so important for friends and family to show them love and support during this difficult time. 

Here's some advice:

Offer support 

The learner might be feeling disappointed in themselves and feel like they have disappointed the family. However, with support and letting them know that failing matric doesn't mean they are a failure, they will feel strong enough to stand up and try again. 

It is also crucial to let them know that matric does not define them or the success of their future. 

Find out why the learner didn't pass

One of the important things to do is to have a conversation with your family member about what led to them not passing. Don't just assume it is because they didn't study enough. There might be underlying issues that they hid that affected them and opening up will help them deal with the issues. 

Many learners deal with a lot of things such as peer pressure, bullying, mental issues etc. So, find out the root cause and make sure to deal with it so that the same mistake doesn't happen again. 

Seek professional help 

Sometimes the learner might need professional help or the kind of help that you might not be able to assist them with. Learners who are dealing with trauma and other mental issues might need to seek help from counsellors. 

It is also advisable to talk to the child's teachers to find out more about the learner. If your child is struggling academically, then they might need extra classes. 

Listen and share the below audio with Matric students that you know who may need to hear this:  

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