Lizzo claps back at "how do you deal with being obese everyday?" fat shaming comment

Lizzo claps back at "How do you deal with being obese everyday?" fat shaming comment

Two things you need to know about Lizzo; she is incredibly talented and is extremely confident in who she is. 


Lizzo is known for unapologetically loving her body - and loudly. 

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This past weekend, the 32-year-old Grammy Award-winning singer was on an Instagram LIVE engaging with her fans when an unwelcomed internet troll hopped on the comments section. 

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The troll asked Lizzo: "How do you deal with being obese everyday?" and Lizzo replied the only way she knew how... 

Like a boss! 

Responding to the comment, Lizzo shared the following:

Lizzo, for dramatic effect, then goes on to pretend to cry whilst clapping back at the body shaming comment. 

This is not the first time Lizzo has had to deal with body shamming.  

Watch the video in question below: 

In June last year, Lizzo shared the below video addressing trolls once again: 

Main image courtesy of Lizzo's Instagram page. 

Stacey Norman knows all to well about being body shamed. 

A discussion on whether she should get a nose ring or not turned ugly when some users made hurtful comments about her appearance.   

Stacey, who hosts the Drive Show with J Sbu, chose to use the disappointing situation as an educational moment.

She addressed the matter on social media and then took to her favourite outlet - the airwaves.

Incase you missed it, listen to the podcast below: 

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