Leap Day: A proposal of a lifetime with Stacey and J Sbu

Leap Day: A proposal of a lifetime with Stacey and J Sbu

Kerissa could not wait to propose to the man in her life!

Kerissa and Kiran after she got down on one knee

Kerissa Naicker from Chatsworth shared her endearing love story with the man of her dreams, Kiran Ramluckan. 

The duo were supposed to get married three years ago, but a sudden and unfortunate death in the family put a stop to things. 

Speaking to Stacey and J Sbu, Kerissa revealed that they met through her bae’s nephew years ago.

According to the lovebird, she knew she was in love from the first moment they met in person.

This Leap Day, Kerissa decided to embrace the extra day in February and get down on one knee. 

The love of her life, Kiran, gave her a resounding "YES!". Take a look at the full proposal below:

Backstory of Leap Day proposals
According to Bridal Guide, St. Bridget was airing her frustrations about women not being allowed to propose while speaking to St. Patrick and they decided to strike up a deal.

The story goes that St. Patrick suggested women would have the right to propose every seven years, but St. Bridget brought it down to every four years. 

They further stated that the more likely scenario is that because 29 February is considered a ‘bonus’ day, people began to believe that the traditional rules in life did not apply.

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