KZN reacts to terrifying thunderstorms from this morning

KZN reacts to terrifying thunderstorms from this morning

Were you one of the few lucky East Coasters who managed to have interrupted sleep this morning whilst the majority of us witnessed a very persistent thunderstorm? 

Storm in KZN
Yuveer Karunchund

There may be a few sleepy heads at work today. Most of KZN was woken up by severe thunderstorms on early Wednesday morning. Not only was the thunderstorm loud and scary, but it was persistent! 

You have to just have a look on social media to see how many people had a rude awakening this morning. There were a lot of us who admittedly hid under the duvet hoping that it would all end soon. 

Stacey and JSbu asked their Facebook community this morning if they had all experienced the massive thunderstorm. Over 200 comments later, the consensus was a resounding 'Yes!'. 

We hope everyone is keeping safe! How bad were the thunder storms in your area this morning?

Posted by East Coast Drive on Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Facebook user Vanitha Naidoo shared her experience by sharing the following: 

On the hand, Facebook user Ola Ndlela found the humourous side with a message to her employer for today: 

What was your experience this morning, KZN? 

Share your comments with us below: 

Image attribution Yuveer Karunchund

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