KZN neighbour confessions: Locals spill the tea on their next-door drama

KZN neighbour confessions: Locals spill the tea on their next-door drama

From wanting to install CCTV cameras in other homes to having a sweet and loving relationship, neighbours are unpredictable!

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Living in KZN throws you together with a colourful bunch! Our neighbours are a wild mix, from braai-sharing besties to late-night karaoke champions.

Last week, we asked the residents of sunny KZN to tell us about their good, bad, and ugly neighbour stories. 

Take a look at some of the responses we received below:

Onyx Moon wrote: 
“I had a nosy neighbour of a neighbour who suggested putting CCTV up in my yard (and others) that she can monitor from her house for a small monthly fee.”

Kathy Petherbridge, who lives in Ireland, said:
“Our neighbour thinks he's the Mayor of our Estate. (Live in Ireland). He ordered a shed, he has no side access to his yard. So, he sends the builders into our yard, they lifted the fence and moved the shed bit by bit through our yard. Did not get permission. We were at work, my daughter was home alone and nearly had a heart attack seeing strange men in the backyard.”

Tess Kirpal’s husband had some advice for their neighbour:
“We lived in a complex and my husband finished work before me and a woman from one of the other flats would always come strolling about and lurking near our flat. Hubby told her to be useful and rather walk with a broom next time and sweep the complex that way she can get swept off her feet. She never came back to our side.”

Messy neighbours aside, locals also took time to praise their neighbours.

Shireen Moodly and her husband blessed their neighbours:
“We are blessed to have amazing neighbours [on] either side, they were so accommodating during our home renovations. As both are unemployed, one is elderly, and [my] hubby took it upon himself to make it up to them. As a thank you, their homes were given a complete makeover, painting, fencing and a complete new garden.”

Felicia Crawford said:
“We have the most amazing neighbours on both sides. They are like our other family! Not one misunderstanding from either. We just love them!”

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