KZN listener thinks she can sing better than Adele!

KZN listener thinks she can sing better than Adele!

We all have hidden talents, but now is your time to shine...

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On Monday, we asked KZN to reveal their hidden talents. The range was varied- everything from party tricks to knitting!

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Every now and again when we chat about something on the radio, we run out of time and some voice notes get lost in the system. 

But we found a voice note from a listener who not only revealed her hidden talent, but actually demonstrated it

KZN listener Nompumelelo showcased her voice, but we decided to leave it to you, KZN, to decide whether or not Nompumelo has the vocal talent or not...

KZN, do you think Nompumelelo has what it takes? Do you have any hidden talents that could blow us away? If so, send us a voice note on 061 792 9495, showcasing your talent.

Listen to what KZN had to say:

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