Katlego Maboe confesses to cheating on his wife and is accused of giving her an STD

Katlego Maboe confesses to cheating on his wife and is accused of giving her an STD

South African television personality Katlego Maboe is involved in yet another cheating scandal, only this time it has been filmed and is circulating on social media. 

Katlegp Maboe

Katlego Maboe is known for his energetic personality and infectious laugh as a television host.

So, when a video of Maboe was released, which saw him confessing to not only his infidelity but giving his wife a sexually transmitted disease, many people thought it was scripted and fake.

However, it seems it is not fake - and it is very much Maboe in the video.

In the video, you can hear Maboe's wife asking him whom he slept with. Maboe responds after he is threatened that he may never see his son again if he does not confess to the truth. A woman is then mentioned by the TV personality.

The wife then claims that Maboe gave her an STD, and that it is affecting her chances of having a second child.

Many South Africans were taken aback by the fact that his wife filmed this conversation, but more so people were shocked at Maboe's behaviour. He has, after all, projected himself to be a very model public figure. 

This is not the first cheating scandal that Maboe has been involved in. Back in 2016, he and Lorna Maseko made Sunday tabloid news when pictures from a Durban July afterparty circulated of the two kissing. 

Maseko, who used to be on 'Top Billing' and is now a television chef, was married at the time. Maboe did confirm the cheating scandal with Gareth Cliff on his online radio show on Cliff Central, but he did not mention Maseko's name.

He did have this to say, though: 

Katlego Maboe and Lorna Maseko

You can watch the video below: 

*Please note that the video contains strong language* 

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