Kanye West resurrects Kim Kardashians father for her 40th Birthday

Kanye West resurrects Kim Kardashians father for her 40th Birthday

Known for always giving his wife over the top birthday gifts, Kanye West seems to have outdone himself with this 40th Birthday surprise. 

Robert Kardashian
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Kanye West arranged for “a special surprise from heaven” for his wife Kim Kardashian West. A birthday message from her late dad, Robert Kardashian who passed away in September 2003. Robert Kardashian rose to fame as one of the attorneys known as the ‘Dream Team’ that represented OJ Simpson.

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His birthday message to Kim was delivered in a holographic form. The hologram opens with a dimmed figure of Robert Kardashian who then appears on-screen five seconds later, with the following opening words:

Watch the video below: 

Robert Kardashian is also heard referencing his proud Armenian heritage.

"I am a proud Armenian father” the holograph says in the message, referencing Kardashian West’s heritage and her ongoing efforts to draw attention to the struggles of Armenian people.

It would not have been Kanye, if he did not insert himself in the hologram. Robert is heard saying the following:

The holograph is not new; in fact, there have been numerous celebrities who have departed that have been resurrected in holographic form. Notably Amy Winehouse and Tupac Shakur albeit is was for live performances and museum exhibitions than as birthday gifts. 

The video has been met with some condemnation from social media users. Some have claimed the video is creepy whilst some have said that the gesture by Kanye West is a crass display of wealth especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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