"Is it wrong for me to withhold how much I earn from my parents?" - KZN man

"Is it wrong for me to withhold how much I earn from my parents?" - KZN man

A KZN man has written into Stacey and J Sbu with a dilemma: his parents are demanding to know how much he earns.


Money is often a very uncomfortable topic. It makes many of us uneasy irrespective of the setting. 

According to a survey conducted by parents in the Independent, the number one reason why marriages fail has to do with financial matters. Money tends to create conflict in most relationships - and family is no different. 

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A young KZN man, who is in his first real job, shared the following voice note with Stacey and J Sbu: 

Sicelo says that his family is demanding to know how much he earns. This makes him feel very uneasy as he is unsure whether they are interested in his pay because they want to help him manage his finances or because they want to budget their expenses with his salary. 

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Sicelo says that he knows from experience with his older siblings that he will be expected to pay black tax. 

Black tax is the money one automatically owes to their parents or guardians for investing in their future, or to what may have contributed to getting that individual to where they are today.

For Sicelo, who is fresh out of college and trying to build a life for himself, this is deeply worrying and he does not know how to navigate this discussion with his parents. 

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