Instagram account helps women share deepest secrets anonymously

Instagram account helps women share deepest secrets anonymously

If you're feeling alone in this world, this one is for you!

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The world can be a very lonely place, especially over the past two years.

One of the reasons so many of us are finding life harder than others is because we feel like there's nobody to talk to; nobody to share our deepest and darkest fears with and not many people we can trust with our secrets

So many of us are walking around - when we're not in lockdown - with literal and figurative masks on because the higher the walls, the less vulnerable we feel. The problem with these walls is that we don't realise just how much it affects us mentally and, hence, physically

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If you're feeling like this then this Instagram account is for you because this is something that you know Stacey Norman and J Sbu approve of. #TheFixer

The Secret Keepers is an account that is keeping the secrets you’re too afraid to share - helping people feel less alone - online. Why does this matter?

Because it allows you to get it off your chest - cathartic.

Okay, so why would you want to share your secret with the whole world before sharing it with someone you actually know?

Because they keep all the stories anonymous. 

The beauty of this account is that people engage with the secrets and share their own experiences in the comments section, providing comfort for those whose secret it is.

Why does this account work?

Because we don't realise just how many of us are going through the exact same things in life and we just don't realise it because we don't talk about it.

Not all the stories are tragic and heartbreaking - some are pure bliss. But we feel like the ones below are some of the real issues so many women around the world are dealing with; we wanted to showcase just how therapeutic this page can be for those walking around with trauma.

These are just a few examples of what our fellow women are dealing with. In fact, it's not just women - it's men, too. But this account is dedicated to the ladies out there and we hope that you will find some comfort in one of their many powerful posts.

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“Once I learned to like me more than others did, then I didn't have to worry about being the funniest or the most popular or the prettiest. I was the best me and I only ever tried to be that." - Issa Rae

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