"I was asked to abort my first child" - Manaka Ranaka

"I was asked to abort my first child" - Manaka Ranaka

Actress Manaka Ranaka wishing her daughter, Katlego, a happy birthday on social media recently opened up a whole lot of secrets that South Africa knew nothing about. 

Manaka Ranaka.
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The 'Generations: The Legacy' actress, who recently celebrated 20 years in the industry, used social media to share some of the hardships she endured two decades ago when she was pregnant with her first baby. 

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In an Instagram post, Ranaka shared a bit about getting pregnant at the start of her career and how she was asked to get an abortion by the woman who hired her all those years ago. 

After Ranaka refused to abort her baby, they fired her, but she didn’t care because she was so determined to keep the child and enter the next chapter of her life with her pride and joy.

Ranaka, according to reports, is pregnant with her second child. Details of the pregnancy are unknown at this time.

Ranaka teased us a bit and shared a picture on her Instagram of her baby daddy. What a beautiful couple...

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Baby Daddy 😇🥰😍😘

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