''I have not spoken to my older sister in 5 years and I do not plan to make amends anytime soon''

''I have not spoken to my older sister in 5 years and I do not plan to make amends anytime soon''

They say blood is thicker than water, but it is also true that our family are the people who can hurt us the most. This is the case for Christina, a KZN listener. 

Two sisters fighting

Christina penned a letter to East Coast Radio looking for advice concerning a family matter. Christina, who is the youngest of two sisters, shares that she has been incredibly frustrated with her older sister, whose name we will not share for privacy issues, as well as her parents. 

Read her story below: 

It is no secret that family bonds can be tricky. Christina shares how she feels her 41-year-old sister has been leeching off their parents, who are taking care of her and her two kids. Her sister has left every job that she has worked at for no reason to become a stay-at-home mom and live with their parents. 

Stacey and JSbu had the opportunity to speak to Christina on the phone and her pain was very apparent. Christina feels like her parents have enabled her sister to be this way and that she has become a burden on her parents, who should be getting ready for their retirement. The situation has become so intense that Christina has stopped going to see her parents in their family home to avoid having to be around her sister. 

The heartbreaking reality is that this also means she is unable to see her two nephews, whom she adores. 

Listen to Christina share her story in her own words below: 

KZN, do you have any advice for this sensitive matter? Have you yourself been in a situation where you and a family stopped speaking? How did you handle the situation? 

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