Hurt much? This man demolished a mansion built for ex-lover

Hurt much? This man demolished a mansion built for ex-lover

Revenge in relationships can be a destructive thing...

[WATCH] Scorned businessman demolishes mansion built for ex-lover
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Is there an expectation that the partner returns the gifts?

Everyone has different ways of showing love in relationships and, as we all know, not everyone's love language is the same. 

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But it's safe to say that everyone loves being spoilt and showered with beautiful gifts now and again; it’s how we show affection not by just spending time with each other but putting in effort and money into the perfect gift.

The memories that are attached to the gifts that we receive, whether expensive like a holiday in the Maldives or as simple as pretty earrings, can’t be erased because of the meaning behind the gift - absolutely priceless. 

But what happens to all those "priceless" gifts when the relationship ends?

Well, let's just say a scorned Nelspruit businessman definitely knows what happens and he didn't hold back showing us when he tore down the mansion he built for his former lover.

Watch video below:

Surely this man's actions were a bit aggressive and excessive? What was the need to demolish the house? A whole asset now gone to waste.

But plot the thickens... apparently the land is in his ex-girlfriend’s name but the mansion wasn’t. So guess that was his only option becuase this man is difintely not the forgiving type. 

KZN, we want to hear from you, what do you do with the gifts you receive in a relationship after you break-up?

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