How far would you go not to go to work? Well, this guy faked his own kidnapping...

How far would you go not to go to work? Well, this guy faked his own kidnapping...

We all have had one of those days where we dreaded even going to bed from the thought of knowing we have to wake up for work the next day, but this man definitely went too far when he faked his own kidnapping just to get out of work.

Man Arrested For Faking His Own Kidnapping 'To Get Out Of Work'
Coolidge Police Department

Getting out of work was a serious thing for this man.

A man by the name of Brandon Soules was found by Coolidge Police in Arizona with his hands bound and a bandana stuffed in his mouth on 10 February. The 19-year-old then told officers he had been kidnapped by two masked men who had knocked him unconscious.

But when the police did further investigation on the matter, they found evidence that his story was fabricated. Brandon clearly decided to do the most. 

Police found evidence his story was made up.
Credit: Coolidge Police Department

Soules was then arrested on the 17th February for false reporting and he further admitted that he had made up the story as an excuse to get out of work.

Soules was arrested.
Credit: Coolidge Police Department

Let's hope Brandon has learned his lesson. 

But Brandon shouldn't be the only one apologising as last month police in the UK charged a man accused of administering a fake COVID-19 vaccine to a 92-year-old woman.

The victim told cops she was given an injection with a 'dart like implement' and was then asked to hand over £160, which the fraudster told her would later be refunded by the NHS. 

David Chambers been charged with two counts of fraud by false representation, assault by beating, and two breaches of COVID-19 restrictions on movement.

City of London Police said it was not known what the woman was actually injected with. But she was assessed at the hospital and showed no ill effects from whatever it was.

Would you fake your own kidnapping to get out of work?

Featured Image Credit: Coolidge Police Department

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