#HonestyHour: The one person I am glad I never saw during lockdown

#HonestyHour: The one person I am glad I never saw during lockdown

It feels like we have been on lockdown level 3 for years and with President Cyril Ramaphosa's latest address, it looks like we will be staying at home, hugging the plants, just a little bit longer. 

A woman wearing a mask standing by window


After last night's address by the president, most of us understand how being scolded feels like and the President surely did that to us.

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Speaking of staying at home, one of the upsides to the lockdown has to be NOT having to meet up or see people you really do not care to see. 

We usually see ourselves in awkward moments with people we don't actually want to talk to, or even trying to avoid people at the mall by walking the other way but now lockdown has come with the blessing of actually not being in those awkward situations.

We opened the lines and asked KZN about that one person they are happy to avoid, even if it means lockdown for life.  #HonestyHour 

Listen to the podcast to hear what KZN had to say:

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