WATCH LIVE: The #ECRPresenterSearch Grand Finale

WATCH LIVE: The #ECRPresenterSearch Grand Finale

The big day is here and you can watch the action LIVE right now #ECRPresenterSearch

East Coast Radio
#ECRPresenterSearch: Grand Finale

KZN, you’ve pulled out all the stops!

We’ve heard and met the most amazing talent.

And now its time for everyone to find out who’ll become part of East Coast Radio’s awesome line up!

Tune in this Wednesday with Stacey and J Sbu between 4 and 7 PM to find out who has won. We will be streaming the Grand Finale LIVE on our Facebook page, so be sure to bookmark this page and be sure to tune in!

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KZN, here are your #ECRPresenterSearch finalists:

It all began with a bunch of videos and now we are only mere days away from announcing the newest addition to the ECR presenter lineup.

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We've said it once and we'll say it again: time sure does fly when you're having fun!

Now we are getting so close to the big finale and the #ECRPresenterSearch hopefuls are so close they can almost taste it.

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This day wasn't the only thing standing between them and that coveted ECR presenter slot, they've had to overcome challenges, take over the show, and have a marathon dance session.

Here is each of their journeys to the #ECRPresenterSearch Grand Finale:

Kay-Dee Timm

Kay-Dee Timm #ECRPresenterSearch semi-final
Julian Carelsen/East Coast Radio

Kay-Dee is a bubbly, positive, and confident guy who was as ready as ever to take on the first task of the day - a live read.

A live read is a type of advertisement promoting a product or service where the presenter quite literally has to read the script provided.

Clients, money, a first-timer, sounds like the perfect combination...

When Stacey and J Sbu called Kay-Dee, he started off a little confused, but soon it all clicked and he realised what was happening:

Ndabe Zondi

Ndabe Zondi Traffic Jam
Julian Carelsen/East Coast Radio

Ndabe might seem quiet and composed, but that all changed when Stacey and J Sbu handed him the mic!

J Sbu let him take the reins on the iconic #TrafficJamWithJSbu and let's just say, J Sbu was nervous...

One thing we did learn: Ndabe's got the moves!

The moment Ndabe realised he would be one of the lucky semi-finalists:

Styles Mbatha

Styles Mbatha #ECRPresenterSearch Finalist
Julian Carelsen/East Coast Radio

The man with the moves! This seems quite fitting seeing as he was put in charge of running #TrafficJamWithJSbu.

J Sbu was still right there to keep a close eye on things, but it was all up to Styles and this was his one chance to show what he's got.

All the semi-finalists were in some kind of shock when they got the special call from Stacey and J Sbu, but Styles was in utter disbelief:

Main image courtesy of Julian Carelsen/East Coast Radio

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