'Happy Birthday, dad. Here is a set of tyres to celebrate the day'

'Happy Birthday, dad. Here is a set of tyres to celebrate the day'

It is almost holiday season, a time for family and friends to show appreciation by gifting. 


It seems the Twitter streets have missed the memo on this because a sweet moment between daughter and father has turned into a heated debate. 

So, what is the debate about? 

Twitter user, Dimpho, shared a picture of her dad who is seen with the biggest smile next to his birthday gift from his loving daughter. 

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Dimpho's dad is pictured holding a pot plant, what looks like a card with balloons in the background, as well as a set of car tyres that are decorated with a bright orange ribbon. 

Have a look at the post below: 

As is customary on Twitter and social media in general, a beautiful moment was turned into something else completely. Instead of wishing Dimpho's dad a happy birthday, comments flooded in questioning her choice of gift. 

One of the comments read as follows: 

This sparked a conversation with Stacey and J Sbu with regards to gift giving. 

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Would you prefer to receive a practical gift that can be of use to you right now or would you prefer something more materialistic, such as a bottle of your favourite cologne or a new designer dress?

For all we know, Dimpho's dad could have very well been needing a new set of tyres, so the judgement on Dimpho's gift choice may be misplaced. 

We are approaching the holiday season where there will be an exchange of holiday gifts. Perhaps this would be the opportune time to have the conversation with those nearest and dearest to you with regards to what you prefer? 

If you are like Stacey Norman, and you create a list of things practical or not that you want as gifts, then this is not for you. 

However, if you are more of a nonchalant person who says 'you can get me anything really' when asked by your friends and family 'what gift you would like?', this is for you. 

Self.Com lists 51 useful gifts that all practical people and those who like the nicer things in life will appreciate. Let's be honest, 2020 has not been the easiest year in many areas of our lives, particularly financially. 

To help you deviate from anything boring or expected to gifts that make the recipient feel like you really made an effort in finding something especially for them, this is the list for you. 

There are some no, no's though. According to Stacey, a pair of socks may seem like a practical choice but they are rarely special. 

KZN, share with us: Do you prefer getting a practical gift versus something of more material value?

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