The hack to stop your colleagues from stealing your food!

The hack to stop your colleagues from stealing your food!

It is one of the most common causes of thievery in places of work, irrespective of what industry you work in. 

J Sbu

The internet has been left in stiches following a life hack that was shared by a psychology student. The life hack was courtesy of  Twitter user @Kojo who shared that her mother had noticed that some of her eggs had gone missing at work so she posted the following note: 

Imagine being the culprit and finding this note!? 

A twitter user replied to the shared note by Kojo by saying:  “I woulda taken it further... made him drink some mad concoction after he confessed and then been like ‘only joking’.”

It seems the note was a success as the egg thief did account for his thievery, so what was the antidote after the confession?  Kojo shared: “After he confessed, he is paying her back for the eggs.” 

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We cant believe we have to remind people of this in the year 2021, but please keep your hands to yourself and your own belongings. 

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