A goal fulfilled: J Sbu manages to donate over 500 pairs of school shoes

A goal fulfilled: J Sbu manages to donate over 500 pairs of school shoes

Today was a very beautiful and emotional day for the Drive team as they headed out to Umlazi to share the joy.

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A little over a week and a half ago, J Sbu shared with Stacey and the rest of KZN an initiative that he wanted to do. 

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The initiative was sparked by something he saw that really resonated with him on so many levels. In case you missed it, have a listen to the short podcast below:

J Sbu wanted to make a difference in the lives of young boys and girls who are going through what he experienced as a young child - having to start the schooling year with worn out school shoes that barely fit them. 

Giving back in this way can have such a massive impact on a child's confidence and dignity. 

J Sbu's initial goal was 100 pairs of shoes and he is proud to share with the rest of KZN that this goal was not only smashed, but collectively with the help of a few friends, they are sitting with over 500 pairs of school shoes - incredible!

One of the very first people to pick up the call to reach out to J Sbu about getting involved in his quest to light the pathway of a hundred kids was BATA.

Rox-ann Govender, who is the Assistant Marketing Manager of BATA South Africa, spoke to J Sbu earlier today to share why BATA was not only inspired to match J Sbu's pledge of 100 pairs of school shoes, but also about the work that BATA is committed to doing for the youth of our country. 

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The first school J Sbu selected to receive the first batch of school shoe donations was Emthethweni Primary School in Umlazi. 

J Sbu, who travelled with his co-host Stacey Norman, was warmly received by the school principal, Miss Gugu Zuma, and the joyous voices of the young students:

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The handover of the school shoes was so special, we are so proud of you, J Sbu, for kicking this initiative off, which we can only hope grows every year!

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J Sbu would also like to thank the following brands who also made notable donations of school shoes:

Mr Price Group: Thank you to Tarryn and her team! 

Superspar in Umlazi Megacity: Thank you to Arthur and the team! 

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