Gifts for under R200 that are still considered spoils

Gifts for under R200 that are still considered spoils

Because times are hard doesn't mean you cannot spoil your loved ones. 

Black woman giving a gift to a kid
Black woman giving a gift to a kid/Pexels/@Any Lane

It's been a tough year and no matter what your financial situation is, we are certain that if you can, you would opt for saving money where and when you can. 

This is why we came up with some gift ideas that are budget-friendly and will still help your family feel spoilt. 

In the spirit of Christmas, it is important to celebrate the act of giving. Take a look at some gift ideas that you can get for R200 or less. 

1. A ring light - these can go from anything between R130 - R200. So, it's all about preference. 

2. Gift voucher - Of course, these are always a safe go-to when gifting. The good part is that you can personalise these, so, you can get something in gaming or streaming for example for the entertainment fundi or a shopping voucher, which is so versatile. 

3. Body care pack - these are a great option for moms, sisters, aunts or grandmas. Make sure to find out what scent your loved one prefers. 

4. Books - you can get a good book for R200 or less from stores like Exclusive Books, the Crazy Store, or even better you can visit flea markets and get some second-hand books. 


5. Visit your local Lovisa store, there are always specials on jewellery with combo deals for 5 pairs for R100 or 5 pairs for R200. The selections are trendy and are great for any jewellery box. 

We hope you and your family have a splendid festive season. And if you aren't able to give gifts this year, then make sure you share the spirit of being kind and courteous. 

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