Frightening "alien" creatures run amok on Stillbaai's beaches

Frightening "alien" creatures run amok on Stillbaai's beaches

Shock, surprise, and utter disbelief over this image...

Frightening "alien" creatures run amok on Stillbaai beaches
Frightening "alien" creatures run amok on Stillbaai beaches/ Jan Vorster/Facebook

In Stillbaai, these creatures are plaguing the golden beaches.

Locals woke up to this frightening object that emerged from the shore. 

See what looked to be "alien-like creatures" shared on Facebook by the We are South Africans civil society movement.

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Contrary to first inspectionit was confirmed to be upside-down dried out Aloe Ferox leaves which the sea washed ashore - and not aliens like some had guessed.

Aloe ferox, commonly known as bitter aloe, is a species of flowering plant in the family Asphodelaceae. This woody aloe is indigenous to southern Africa.

See a picture below: 

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Aloe Ferrox
Aloe Ferrox / iStock

Gilbert Martin, founder of We Are South Africans, a civil society movement, said they spotted the pictures taken by Jan Vorster from Stilbaai and shared it on their platform on Facebook, not knowing the confusion it would cause, let alone the hilarious responses.

According to the post, several people guessed that they were alien spiders, crabs doing yoga, sunflower sea stars, seaweed, and even some kind of chopped trees.

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IOL shares that "Two Oceans Aquarium took one look and concluded that it was in fact, upside down, dried aloes that were most likely placed intentionally for artistic intent – perhaps by a land artist, a photographer or for the backdrop for something."

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