Fixing KZN - one drive at a time

Fixing KZN - one drive at a time

Stacey & JSbu introduce a brand new feature, it's time for The Fixer...

The Fixer
Nobuntu Swartbooi

Got a problem that needs fixing? Ask Stacey and JSbu to help sort it out. 

‘The Fixer’ is a new feature that will be driven by you, KZN. 

Listeners can send Stacey and JSbu their personal dilemma stories where they need a resolution, closure or a solution.

Stacey and JSbu will discuss the dilemma on air, and then hand it over to KZN for a judgement-free fix.

KZN will be given the chance to help fix the problem with their thoughts and ideas. If needed, a professional (i.e. a legal consultant or therapist) will advise. 

On Monday night, Stacey and JSbu received the following message:

Whatsapp screengrab
Whatsapp screengrab 2

To send us your stories you can send us a WhatsApp message using the #TheFixer on 061 792 9495. Or you can email the producer, Zama, here [email protected].

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