#FeelGoodTuesday: A family threading their way through their difficult circumstance

#FeelGoodTuesday: A family threading their way through their difficult circumstance

A family is piecing their life through this pandemic together, one clothing garment at a time. 

Retro Fit

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It all started in their garage. Franklin and Lawrence are stitching together a living for themselves and their extended family using their love and skill for fashion and making clothes.

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The two brothers from Strandfontein Village, started the brand 'Retrofit' to help pay for their studies and essentially put food on the table.

Retrofit is really a family affair. Franklin and Lawrence's grandmother and sister are the hands behind the clothing brand, whilst Lawrence and his dad come up with the designs for their clothes. Franklin and Lawrence both take care of the brand's social media profiles, while Lawrence does photography.

So, where does the family get their skill from? 

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Franklin and Lawrence's grandparents were in the clothing industry for over 20 years, which is where the young brothers' dad observed and picked up his skills to pass it down to the third generation. 

As for the inspiration for the designs, the two brothers say that they wanted to challenge the misconception with 'retro clothing' that it was limited to people of a particular age group. 

You can support Retrofit by shopping here.

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