Are you a relationship overlapper? Does this make you a cheat?

Are you a relationship overlapper? Does this make you a cheat?

The Urban Dictionary describes an 'overlapper' as “One who fails to break up in a current relationship before starting a new one.” 

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Do you have someone waiting in the wings to take over as soon as your one relationship is officially done? Also, if you were the person waiting in the wings, would you not be insecure that the person would do the same thing to you in the future? These are some of the complicated questions asked by someone who is involved with a 'relationship overlapper'.

Overlappers tend to fear not being in a relationship. They like to seamlessly move from one relationship to the next. They will not leave a current committed relationship until they have a new one in place. A little flirtatious, a little too open to being wooed by someone who may have intentions of pursuing a romantic relationship with them.

On the other hand, the truth is we sometimes do meet our next partner before our current relationship ends. It doesn’t necessarily mean that something happens, but yes, sometimes our head turns. We find someone else attractive and we know that we cannot continue as is. And it does not have to be physical, some people start off an innocent exchange that builds an emotional connection with someone else.

Many people would probably admit that they have started a new relationship before ending their current one. Are you one of them? Does this also mean that you are a cheat? Stacey Norman, who admits to being a repeat overlapper when it comes to relationships, shares that she does not feel that being an overlapper is cheating. 

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