Fake alcohol worth R380K confiscated in Rustenburg, North West

Fake alcohol worth R380K confiscated in Rustenburg, North West

This comes after it was discovered that fake alcohol was being sold to people illegally during lockdown. 

North West police confiscated fake alcohol worth R380 000 at a Rustenburg house.
Screenshot from SAPS

It has come to light that some people around the Rustenburg area illegally purchased alcohol during lockdown, and they may have been drinking concoctions whose ingredients are unknown.

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The North West police arrested a 45-year-old suspect for being in possession of counterfeit alcohol worth R380 000. That's a lot of alcohol especially if all of it was fake. 

It is alleged the man manufactured the alcohol, packaged it, and also placed labels on them. Shock and horror! 

When police eventually found and arrested the man, they found the alcohol in boxes with different liquor labels that were ready to be pasted on to the bottles.

One of the labels found at the scene.
Screenshot form SAPS

Mokgwabone said their intelligent services led them to the man’s house in Safari Gardens.

“The suspect, who could not account for the possession and liquor labels, attempted to bribe a police officer by offering him R6 000. However, he was charged for corruption.”

So far as the investigation continues, it is not yet known where the manufacturing of the alcohol took place but it has been sent for testing.

The 45-year-old man is expected to appear at the Rustenburg Magistrate’s Court for the illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of ammunition as well as the possession of counterfeit goods and corruption.

I'm sure we all excited for alcohol but to purchase fake alcohol is definately a no no!

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